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Wetware Systems Private Ltd. operated electrical contracting business that has been operating on in Jharkhand, West Bengal (durgapur) since 2014.
The Company Director is a highly professional electrician and highly educated. Wetware Systems specializes in Electrical Survey, RMU installation, Meter installation, PSS development and transformer maintenance.
We have completed over 5000 KM survey in Jharkhand and West Bengal. Completed over 200 RMU installation in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)
Our Staff is highly professional and dedicated towards their work. They are very hard working and respect their work. We believe in team work.


Energy providers rely on accurate utility transmission surveys and maps to install and maintain the infrastructure needed to provide reliable energy and protect public safety. By using advanced remote sensing technologies such as mobile and airborne LiDAR, conventional ground survey methodologies and subsurface utility engineering (SUE) techniques, Wetware Systems Pvt Ltd can safely and efficiently collect the accurate, high-density data needed to map transmission line corridors, conduct distribution circuits planning and develop vegetation management plans.
But data collection covers only a portion of the utility transmission survey services we provide. Our advanced geomatics specialists also process data, furnish preparation and mapping for easement acquisition, create computer models and videos, develop work prescriptions, conduct vegetation inspections, coordinate regulatory compliance, and generate deliverables that meet the specific requirements of each client.

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  • Ready your environment in very less time
  • Creating Compaign
  • Customize as per your requirement


The sectionalizer is a self-contained, circuit-opening device used in conjunction with source-side protective devices, such as reclosers or circuit breakers, to automatically isolate faulted sections of electrical distribution systems.
Wetware Systems PVT. LTD. installed over 180 sectionalizer in jamshedpur Scada project under R-APDRP.

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