Cloud Computing Services

  • Migrate your server and infrastructure to cloud
  • Enable your Employees to WORK FROM HOME
  • Get highly Available and secure Netwrok
  • Back your Data

Cloud solution is virtual solution for Development, infrstructure, softwares, data centers, netwrking, security over the internet.
It helps organization to focus on actual business rather than Infrastructure, security, availability, big servers etc.
It also provides pocket friendly, and can be extended as your business grows.
For Organization with small and medium scale , it helps a lot by providing very in-expensive but highly available network.

Why AWS Cloud Services

For a technology-dependent growing organization, It is very crucial to invest upon maintenance and upgrade of the hardware resources . With cloud computing platforms and services, these days, almost all types and size of organizations, in one way or another, rely on Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Solutions. .
In order to enhance efficiency and profitability of organization, AWS helps very procket friendly solution over the cloud
AWS Services provides wide range of soluiton including storage, deployment, management, devOPS, networking, administration and security, monitoring, computing, analytics, application services, and more. Whether you are a hot startup or an established enterprise
Amazon Cloud Services ensures an efficiency, cost-effectivness, and scalablity solution for your IT needs.
AWS has a larger global footprint.
AWS has a broad ecosystem of offerings in the AWS solution.

Why Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure Services is one of the most popular choice for organizations that prefer both Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) computing models.
Infrastructure-as-a-Service – Microsoft Azure cloud offers virtualization through its mature Hyper-V technology. For smaller organizations, Microsoft Azure services entail tangible benefits from the economies of scale, whereas, for large-scale implementations, the services entail reduced IT maintenance cost and increased productivity.
Platform-as-a-Service – Microsoft Azure server render comprehensive capabilities to your IT team to develop custom solutions and manage their design, development, and deployment. There is absolutely no need to purchase and manage any additional server hardware, software, security, storage or other network components used earlier to deliver custom solutions.
Microsoft has many more years of experience in the enterprise market
Microsoft has a significantly larger product base that moves a lot of solutions towards Azure naturally.

Benefits of Cloud Services

  • Higher Compute power with vCores
  • Work on any preferred Operating systems
  • 99.95% uptime performance
  • Unlimited and highly available storages space
  • Get VPC/VPN/VPM with all configuration in less time.
  • Scale applications to any size with ease
  • Supports all language, framework, and tools
  • Store any amount of data on S3 Bucket
  • Easily Route your DNS through Route 53
  • Prevents data loss with bundled Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Go global with an extensive Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Leverage SQL Azure’s Business Intelligence capabilities
  • Plan IT infrastructure for optimum utilization
  • Faster and easy to use DevOps solution
  • Lower your cost of development and deployment
  • Reduce application/server management costs
  • Simplify big data with Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Faster time to market of solutions
  • Highly Available Data Centers
  • Pay-as-you-go model

Our Capabilities

  • Azure/AWS Infrastructure Services
  • Application Platform Development
  • Azure/AWS Cloud computing
  • SQL & Data Storage
  • VPC, EC2, VM management
  • Migration Services
  • Active Directory Identity & Access
  • SharePoint & Web Farms
  • Microsoft Azure Consulting Services
  • Monitoring
  • API Development and Deployment

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