Our software development Services

At Wetware Systems, we create and deliver customized solutions for clients including small businesses and other organisations with an aim to open up new opportunity and possibility for expansion, process automatisation, and continuous improvement.
With vast domain knowledge and in-depth technological expertise, we are capable enough to cater needs of our valuable clientele across the globe.

Cloud Computing

Our solution architect provides pocket friendly solution for our client by maintaining fexibility, availability, performance, security an reliability. We manages for two 2 biggest clound service providers Azure and AWS. Our service incluse management of VPC/VPN/VPS, Internet Gateway, Instances, Storages, Hosting, domain management, configuration, monitoring, snapshot etc.. We also develop CI/CD pipeline, application, Tests for dockers and container.


Every small to big product/organization requires to reach to their potential customers with minimum and efficient way. Creating compaign and Ad helps them to grow their business rapidly against traditional way. Wetware helps our client in pocket budget to reach their goal by facbook/Instagram/LinkedIn Ad management by configuring suitable target audience , demographic, location, texts, unique design and many more

iOS App Development

We deliver high quality native iPhone and iPad apps in latest technologies such as Swift, Xcode and CocoaTouch Framework. Our team of developers have delivered variety of apps such as ecommerce, taxi booking, food ordering etc.

Android App Development

We have a strong team of Android app development and have delivered high end native apps for smartphones, tablets utilizing Java and Kotlin. Having certified mobile developers and quality processes in place, Wetware systems has made its name in this domain.

Software Development

We offer high quality custom software development for Windows and Mac. Our experienced team of developers have developed variety of custom software for retail, manufacturing, real estate, hospital, hotel, e-commerce industry.

Cross Platform Development

Keeping ourselves neck to neck with latest trends and technologies, Wetware systems provides mobile app development in cross platform technologies such as React Native, Xamarin and Ionic and deliver high end apps in quick time frame with limited budget.

Chat Bot Development

We develop out of the box and intelligent chat bot utilizing Microsoft Bot Framework and Node.js. Our team has successfully delivered bots for Facebook, Skype, and support systems which has allowed our client generate the potential leads in timely manner. The developers also have hands of experience in Alexa skills development.

Web Application

Wetware Systems providers web development in latest technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, Node.js, Angular, React.js. Our solutions are custom tailored as per business requirement and also provide desired scalability for future enhancements. We follow agile methodology tht ensures quality and time delivery.

Our Latest offers

Wetware Systems provides continuous offers for our clients.

  • Cloud Computing Offer

    Get 30% off from us on any cloud computing services eighter on AWS or AZURE for Virtual Network, VM, Internet Gateway, APIs, Data Services etc.

  • 30% off on e-commerce & development

    Get 30% discount for e-commerce application on platform including WooCommerce, Majento, Angular, Dotnet.

  • E-Marketing

    Get upto 25% discount on our expert service i.e. e-marketing for your product and reach to potential cutomers eighter for School, Institute, courses, products or any organization

Our Electrical Services

Wetware Systems Private Ltd. operated electrical contracting business that has been operating on in Jharkhand, West Bengal (durgapur) since 2014.
The Company Director is a highly professional electrician and highly educated. Wetware Systems specializes in Electrical Survey, RMU installation, Meter installation, PSS development and transformer maintenance.
We have completed over 5000 KM survey in Jharkhand and West Bengal. Completed over 200 RMU installation in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)
Our Staff is highly professional and dedicated towards their work. They are very hard working and respect their work. We believe in team work.


Energy providers rely on accurate utility transmission surveys and maps to install and maintain the infrastructure needed to provide reliable energy and protect public safety. By using advanced remote sensing technologies such as mobile and airborne LiDAR, conventional ground survey methodologies and subsurface utility engineering (SUE) techniques, Wetware Systems Pvt Ltd can safely and efficiently collect the accurate, high-density data needed to map transmission line corridors, conduct distribution circuits planning and develop vegetation management plans.
But data collection covers only a portion of the utility transmission survey services we provide. Our advanced geomatics specialists also process data, furnish preparation and mapping for easement acquisition, create computer models and videos, develop work prescriptions, conduct vegetation inspections, coordinate regulatory compliance, and generate deliverables that meet the specific requirements of each client.


In an electrical power distribution system, a ring main unit (RMU) is a factory assembled, metal enclosed set of switchgear used at the load connection points of a ring-type distribution network. It includes in one unit two switches that can connect the load to either or both
Wetware Systems PVT. LTD. has set its benchmark in jharkhand for RMU installation and well known contrator for this task. We have shown our clients that we can perform more than 200% and can finish our contract before other competitor. We have installed more than 200 RMU in jharkhand and automate the process.
We have a well defined and tested strategy which is transparent and accountable at all stages, which delivers fruitfull and expected results


The sectionalizer is a self-contained, circuit-opening device used in conjunction with source-side protective devices, such as reclosers or circuit breakers, to automatically isolate faulted sections of electrical distribution systems.
Wetware Systems PVT. LTD. installed over 180 sectionalizer in jamshedpur Scada project under R-APDRP.

Our efforts & developed products

top mobile,android,ios developers

Aapan Dukan(WooCommerce)

top mobile,android,ios developers

Tanmay Realtors (Real-Estate)

top mobile,android,ios developers

C-martz (Angular 7 + Dotnet)
Smart Wife

top mobile,android,ios developers

C-martz (Android + IOS)
Smart Wife

Use cases

We do more than just mobile app development, app design, prototyping, and marketing.

Industries We Works On

Wetware Systems has broden its area in different verticals and industries. We provide high quality services in every aspects.

  • E-Commerce

    WooCommerce, Magento, Angular, Dotnet
    Get your E-Commerce application ready in less Time and less budget.

  • Travel & Transportation

    To keep a check on the shipping of products or travel, we have got mobility solutions.

  • Education

    Take the academic experience to another level with feature-packed educational apps for different courses

  • Retail

    Keeping the needs of shoppers in mind, we build online shopping retailerapps to benefit both the customer and retailer

  • Health Care

    We desire to provide medical and healthcare services at your fingertips for better convenience by building best health apps

  • Wellness & Fitness

    Fitness apps for your mobile to keep a check on your daily body requirements and well being on the go

  • Technology

    Get the latest and feature-rich technology apps for mobile based on modern technologies and services available in the industry

  • Social Network

    Change the way of connecting with family and friends living far away by creating interactive social media apps

Our Skills

We are on-stop IT solution providers with expertise in mobile App, websites and custom software development.

Helping you move fast

Wetware Systems targets to be part of your company and will go extra mile to craft a project team for your specific demand.
When kicking off with wetware systems, our client focus on their business while we drill the entire development process and create flexible, reliable, robust, scalable and up-to-date solution.

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  • WooCommerce, Majento
  • Cloud computing: Azure & AWS development and management
  • Andriod Application
  • IOS Development
  • React Native development
  • Dotnet Core/Angular development/Web API and database
  • UI/UX design
  • E-Marketing on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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